Leadership Group

The York & North Yorkshire Leadership Group meets every quarter. We will add minutes here following each meeting. If you have any questions please contact us on 01904 567838 or email.

View a list of the current leadership group members here.

York Chamber York Leadership Group Purpose

  1. To decide Chamber policy, through discussion of proposals and initiatives from the local authority, central government, LEPs and other bodies.
  2. To act as ‘ambassadors’ for the Chamber in particular and the business community in general, and play a wider role in the area’s affairs (e.g. sit on other bodies and represent Chamber more widely)
  3. To feed views and information into the Chamber Group from members’ own organisations and sectors (this may lead to policy development, lobbying activity and media coverage, but also may simply be an exchange of information)
  4. To identify the needs of local business. Examples of issues discussed by the Chamber Group could include; Transport, Development, Economic Strategy, Education & Skills, Workforce Development & Local Enterprise Partnerships.
  5. To receive information (e.g. from Chamber staff, other partnership members, external organisations) and cascade that to their own organisations/sectors

MembershipYork Chamber York Leadership Group

The partnership will consist of predominantly private sector members representing key sectors, with appropriate co-option from public sector stakeholders.

This group will nominate directors to the Board of Directors of the West and North Yorkshire Chamber and elect the President and Vice President of the York and North Yorkshire Chamber

Operational Arrangements

The group will meet quarterly in York from 4.30pm – 6pm and each meeting is expected to take an hour and a half.

The expectation is that members will sit on the Group for a minimum of 3 years with some being re-elected.